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  1. Wow thanks everyone for the great info. The car I'm looking at would be a complete restoration. Most of the sheet metal can be saved, but I'll need floor pans and patches in the wheel wells. I'm not afraid of a little body work, but it will take some time before I can drop the engine in. I figure if I can get a body with a clean title, then I can build exactly the car I want.
  2. I'm looking at picking up a 240z without a motor or tranny. I currently have a 350 SBC out of a 1972 1-ton truck. My goal with the Z is to build a reliable daily driver that gets at least 20mpg and maximize power and torque within that limitation. In other words, I want to have a comfortable, economical ride to work that will still be some fun. 1. What should I do with the SBC? If I turn it into a 383 stroker, will it still achieve 20mpg, or should I just rebuild it as a 350? I have high hopes for such a light car. 2. How much hp can I reasonably put to the ground without doing anything to mess up the stock look of the car? 3. Should I use the 4-speed muncie out of the truck, or find a different transmission? (I'd like to keep it a stick shift). 4. What do I need to do with the rear end? I will NOT be racing this. This needs to be easy to drive as my wife will likely be using it as well. I need to have some fun though. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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