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  1. Yeah I discovered that the other day after pulling out my current brake pedal. I found a set at a junk yard in a different state. So I had a buddy of mine that lives there go see if he could get them. They wouldn't let him out to the yard, and told him that they were warped from a fire. I told them I want them anyways because I could use them as a template to make my own. Then they "tried" to get them out of the car and said they couldn't..... Such bull... So I'm still on the hunt 😩😩
  2. I'm converting a 77 280z to a manual, was auto from factory, as well as ls swap. I'm having a hard time finding a clutch pedal assembly for the 280z. I have found a bunch for the 240z and was wondering if they will fit. I would assume they would. But I am new to the Z world. Any help would be greatly appreciate! Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello all, I am looking for a manual pedal assembly for a 77 280z. I am located in Aiken, SC and am willing to travel some to pick it up but I'd rather have it shipped. Let me know what you got and how much you want for it. Thanks in advance. PS I am new to the Z world so if there is another way I to put a clutch in my car, please let me know! Its an automatic from the factory.
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