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  1. Sorry Cruceno21, that I didn't respond sooner. Driver window and cowl are not available. But the other parts are available. Is the bracket for the radio, the metal bracket attached to the center console? And the horns, is that the horn button or actual horns you are looking for? Let me know if you are still interested and I can try to come up for a total and shipping cost.
  2. Nothing for the wheel well area. If you are talking about interior pieces, those have been sold.
  3. Many parts still available, for those looking to get their projects completed or just starting out
  4. Just making sure this is the bracket you are looking for. It is still attached to the fuel damper as you see. I have the damper for sale at $30 and shipping is about $7-10. So I can do shipped to you in Alabama for $35 total, if that would work. So you would get the bracket, but also the damper, to use as a back up to yours.
  5. I have 1 from my 1975. The only problem is I am on vacation for another few weeks in California. If you can wait a few weeks, we can try to work something out.
  6. I do not. The parts I have are simply off the 1 vehicle I own, don't have any other parts from others. Hope some one has what you are looking for.
  7. It is not for sale, as they are parts I will be using to rebuild my vehicle.
  8. I don't think I have any speaker brackets. I'll try taking a look thru my parts to see if I have any and will let you know.
  9. Take off your afm boot that runs to the throttle body. Look at the throttle plate area. See if you are gummed up around the throttle plate. It gums up over time from the crank case and purge valves, that recirculate blow by gasses. It will not allow enough air flow when the plate is closed. Clean it up the throttle plate and area around it with carb cleaner. Then re-install the boot and see if solved your issue.
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