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  1. Research, development, testing, wind tunnel time, etc costs money plus manufacturing, equipment and supplies. Good news is we just shipped some to Australia and its was only $80 to ship.
  2. I realize this is old but putting this out there for those looking for serious hood extraction with wind tunnel data to back it up. Race Louvers take a new approach to hood extractors. Our extractors significantly outperform the competition and are designed for maximum front downforce, maximum radiator cooling, lower engine compartment temperatures and increased zero speed cooling. Combine our Grill Blockers and Hood Extractors for maximum front downforce and reduced laptimes or use our Hood Extractors with your OEM grill for maximum cooling. We have fine tuned all of our processes and have all hood extractors, grill blockers and components in stock. Our extractors come in a variety of sizes and are available in either the RS, RT, or RX trims for different levels of performance. All of our Extractors come with a printable template that can be downloaded and printed for fitment prior to purchase, templates can be found in each items description. Don't see a particular size, no problem, use our custom size option to get sizes that fit your needs. Our extractors come standard with semi-gloss black powder coat or can be ordered bare. There is also a guide found at the top of our website to help you choose an Extractor or just give us a call and we would be glad to help. Come check us out at: www.racelouvers.com
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