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  1. No separate steering subforum, so I hope this is the right place. Looking to find someone who has taken apart and/or serviced an s30 steering column. Specifically I own a '76 280z. Anyway I have what could only be described as a hitch I can feel through the steering wheel at low speed when I change direction. At first I thought this was due to wear in one or both of the inner tie rods. But I have isolated it to the steering column itself by holding above the coupler and reaching in the window and moving the wheel back and forth. The service manual mentions a ball and a spring. I th
  2. This is the Hitachi SWP123-4G A/C compressor from my 76 280z. Wondering if anyone has one they aren't using after a conversion, or even one that is seized. All I need is the back cover plate as mine has a hairline fracture that leaks under pressure. Thanks.
  3. This is the stock water temp switch out of my 76 280z. The ground lead was broken as you can see in the photo below. Anyone know of a way to repair these? I couldn't even see where the negative lead attached originally and that black plastic/resin stuff is really hard. Thanks.
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