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  1. Thank you all for the response. After speaking to some of my family members, I might be able to get a donor car so hopefully that will help me reduce my cost on the build. As of right now, I plan to work on the fuel line, braking system, suspension and body work. The 3 protentional donor car is a s2k, 270z or a 1jz. I seem s2k and 1jz swap but not 270z but I will be posting in the correct section once I make my decision.
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to the form and recently became a 1973 Datsun z owner. I am the third owner of the 240z. The second owner bought the z from the first owner due to financial hardship 3 years ago. The car already has a 305 v8 install with automictic transmission. I want to do many things to the 240z but my goal is to be able to drive the car on the weekend and cruise along the beach. I want to limit myself on a 10k cost knowing that it might eventually go over 10k. The car is from California with minimal rust. I question is that can I be able to do a LS1 5.3L swap with a t56tranmission with new suspension, brake system, and body work under 10k? I plan to do most of the work if I can and seek out for experts when I need them. If a V8 swap is gonna be over 10K, what other engine swap would u guys consider? Thank you all in advice for any tips and answers that can help me get my project going.
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