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  1. @Neverdone @grannyknot @NewZed https://houston.craigslist.org/cto/d/spring/6855106652.html
  2. The owner is selling the car for $13K The owner says he has: 1978 Datsun 280z Sky Blue with Black interior Original engine with approximately 160k miles. Runs extremely well. Daily driver. No rust underneath, but it does have light surface rust in the normal places. AC works great Also says he has added: Replaced all belts and hoses, replaced tires, replaced the brakes, flush the brake lines, replaced the fuel tank, replaced fuel lines. Flush the fuel rail, replace fuel hoses, replaced fuel injectors, replaced fuel pump, replaced spark plugs, replace spark plug wires, replace distributor, replaced valve cover, replaced various vacuum hoses, replaced radiator, replaced starter, replaced flywheel, replaced headlights with new style. Shortened the amount the bumpers stick out in front and rear. Installed All new seals on doors and windows. Installed headers and a factory muffler without the catalytic converter. Installed a 5 speed transmission instead of the original 4 speed. Removed all interior and installed DynaMatt for sound absorption, Replaced all interior Carpet, replaced visors and headliner, replaced center consul, installed a full dash cap, Replaced broken gages. Installed all led bulbs in gages as well as white faces on gages. Replaced seat foam, replaced seat covers with upgraded preferrated leather, installed seat heaters. Installed a smart stereo system with Bluetooth, microphone, DVD player, and backup camera.
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