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  1. Yeah, I think I recall them saying it was too short and they were going to “fab something up” 🙄
  2. And that would make the springs fight each other. Right now everything feels like the springs are far too weak.
  3. Very cool, I bet you’re right about it being backwards because the pedal does nothing for me. Thanks!
  4. Yeah, pictures would have been a good idea, my bad. I have attached 2. I will try the intake manifold swap. Luckily I have the original S30 manifold because I don’t have the exhaust. The previous owner broke a bolt off in the block, which is why I did this swap.
  5. Hello, I had the L28 and 5-speed from my ‘81 280ZX swapped into my ‘78 280Z and the budget shop could not get the pedal linkage to correctly connect to the throttle body linkage. There is wood pieces at the firewall (exterior) keeping the linkage in place and the pedal is pretty close to the floor without much motion. I don’t seem to have a pedal stopper to adjust in the S30 so I don’t know what to do to get the pedal to have full range of motion. Has anybody encountered this problem and know the solution? I couldn’t find anything online... thanks!
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