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  1. Hello everyone, Have been scratching my head for awhile on this one and stumbled upon RB subforum here and figured somebody has to have an answer or a solution to this. The car is a 1977 280Z with an Rb25det in it. I have been trying to figure out how mo make the heater work, blow warm air and at least work on the defroster setting. Currently just blows cold air only from the front vents. Upon looking more into HVAC system and FSM diagrams with all the vacuum line diagrams for the HVAC I am still at no answer if there is a way of making it work without a full factory system. The car unfortunately does not have the vacuum tank or the magnet valves/solenoids or any of that left in it but all the factory lines and valves are still intact inside the car. Main question is if exposing the correct vacuum line to vacuum will trigger the heater valve to open when needed or it will be pretty much impossible to make it work even on one main setting. Upon looking into it and markings on the vacuum lines it seems like the line marked with an "S" is the one that needs to see vacuum in order for the heater valve to operate ( please correct me if I am wrong) If so can it see negative vacuum only or positive as well, when the car is being driven. Or it will potentially need a solenoid with a switched power to make sure it stays at negative pressure for the heat to work. Hopefully someone can give me some insight on this as I am sure some of you guys still running functional heat. Thanks
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