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  1. Looking at buying some BC coilovers and i’m just curious if anyone on the forums might be a distributor or have someone they can recommend. I have heard about apocalypse motor sports giving good deals, but not really sure who to contact or if they are legit. If anyone has any info on them that would be greatly appreciated it!
  2. @seattlejester awesome thank you for all the information. I’m going to start looking at some different camber tops. The camber bushings seem pretty simple and straight forward as well.
  3. That is good to know. I will look out for that! When you say you dialed it out @seattlejester was that with the included camber tops? Or did you do some modifications?
  4. @Zetsaz I plan on keeping as much of the bushings rubber as possible especially the tc rods. Thank you for the reply!
  5. Hello, Some background info: I currently have a stock 78 280z with 16x8 +0 offset rims on 225/50/r16 tires. I am in the process of replacing my worn suspension and steering bushings with new rubber bushings. I have no plans of tracking or autox this will mainly be a car for cruising. Question: Is there anything that I will need to add to my suspension IE bump stops/aftermarket tc rods or can I just install the coilovers while keeping the rest of my suspension stock? This will be my first time installing coilovers, any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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