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  1. @ZHoob2004 i’m in the west valley and @JMortensen really wish I got this ball rolling sooner on here. I already purchased some control arms and they should be here today. Thank you both though i’ll post up on the forum next time I need something. Think i’m gonna use the burn and saw method on these guys. @grannyknot that’s what i’m thinking.
  2. I bought the rubber bushing kit from zcarsource. Little expensive, but I think it will be worth it. @silverado22c thank you for your input. I appreciate you trying to help! @JMortensen So both bushings slide right out of the control arm, the old stock bushing and the new one. I’m thinking when the shop pressed out the bushings they ended up messing up the control arm hole where the bushing sits.
  3. @silverado22c I apologize for the delay, but I finally got some pictures. Can confirm I definitely have stock looking rubber bushings. Not sure if the picture will really tell you much. The new bushing also slides through like the old stock bushing.
  4. I will be happy to post pictures when I get home. I don’t believe they are poly and if they are, they are being sold as rubber. Unfortunately, when I went to press the bushings in they slid right through the control arm.
  5. Recently had a shop press out my front control arm bushings. Went to go put in my new stock rubber bushings and they slid right through. I still had the old stock bushings that were pressed out and when I went to seat one of those, it also fell through. It doesn’t look like they damaged the control arms when they pressed the bushings out, but i’m not positive they aren’t damaged. Am I missing something here? Also, when compared side by side the bushings seem to be the same size. This is for a 78’ 280z.
  6. Have some friends traveling to Japan and I would like to pick up a steering wheel for my 78 280z project. Can anyone suggest some quality manufactures? I have heard good things about vertex and key’s, just looking to see if there is anything else out there. Also, what steering wheel adaptors are you guys running? Thanks in advance!
  7. Can anyone tell me the thread pitch of the front brake hard lines? Also, are the ends of the hard lines universal? Or is there a specific type that i need to get?
  8. @Leon is there anyway to tell when the reservoir ports are covered?
  9. @jhm I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you so sir!
  10. @JMortensen I will definitely be using the pedal depressor. Makes the most sense in my mind. Especially for what like brake fluid i’m going to lose. Now to just get the inner bearing out of my steering rack and we will be good to go....
  11. Thank you @jhm i’m looking into braided lines as well. Any you would recommend?
  12. The only reason I thought to grind the medal piece off that connects the soft line to the housing is because i’m going to be cutting below it anyways to weld on the new coilovers. With the pedal depressor I don’t think I will have to worry about that. Thank you both @JMortensen and @Leon so simple, but it didn’t even cross my mind.
  13. I’ve never even heard of this thank you so much for the recommendation I will be looking into this. So I thought about that originally and when I went to go do this it looks like the soft line is attached to the strut housing (i’ll post a picture when I get home). So unless i’m looking at this wrong I don’t think I would be able to disconnect the caliper without losing brake fluid. I guess I could just grind off the part that is connected to the strut housing because i’ll be cutting the strut tube below that point. @Leon
  14. I apologize if this may be a stupid question, but I want to be sure I do this correctly. I am currently in the process of converting my 280z to bc “coilovers”. I am trying to figure out the best method of removing the brake lines for an extended period of time. I want to avoid clamping the lines because i’m not sure how long it is going to take me to get everything back together. Is there a way to plug the master cylinder itself? Originally for the front i thought about just removing the calipers and leaving the lines attached to the strut housing, but looking at it some more I don’t think tha
  15. Thank you for the reply. I will definitely post up if I find anything.
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