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  1. I got some other input and the camshaft must have moved backwards during shipping and is sticking out the back where is should be flush. I should be able to tap it forward with a rubber mallet and move it back to where it belongs. Why are we changing the head? Someone who owned it before us broke an exhaust manifold bolt in the head. We tried to drill it out ourselves and were not successful. camaro-guy
  2. My son and I bought a rebuilt n42 head. We have replaced the head, but when we went to install the cam sprocket, we noticed the end of the cam is different. The first Pic is a pic of the head we took off and the second is of the head we put on the car. The place where the sprocket mounts is different. Got any ideas on how we should tackle this problem? camaro-guy
  3. Hello everyone, My son and I purchased a 1976 Datsun 280z 2+2 for his first car last month and it will be our father/son project car. With that said, we have been trying very hard to get his car ready for Pennsylvania State inspection on the 8th of May 2019. We have been working hard and have been reading many of the z car forums, watching youtube videos, and reading as much material as we can find. Thanks to all the information out there we have successfully fixed numerous issues, but we still have a few things to go. My son has big dreams for this car which include possibly auto crossing the car and making it a hybrid, so I figured this may be the best forum for us. If we made the wrong choice, I am sure you will let us know. 1. The numbers on the transmission are "7425394" - Can someone decipher these numbers for us? They do not match the information in the service manual... 2. Many of the vacuum lines were broken and needed to be replaced. However, there are a few we cannot figure out. There is a three way vacuum line connector near the distributor. The three hoses that are currently connected to it are: The distributor advance vacuum line Throttle chamber vacuum hose Anti-stall dashpot From what we are reading the anti-stall dashpot, should not have a vacuum hose connected to it Additionally, the one hose from the vacuum switching valve is not connected to anything Any help getting these figured out would be highly appreciated!! 3. Dash lights are still not working....We have fixed all the other lights, but we cannot get these working. We cannot get our hands in there to see if the bulbs are good or not. Does the dash need to come out to get to these bulbs? I am also looking for the flashers to replace them, but i cannot find them either. We have also been trying to figure out how to get the rheostat out of the dash. These are the most important questions at the moment. Good to be here!
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