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  1. Hello everyone! I figure this would be as good a place as any to make my first post and introduce myself! Just yesterday I managed to pickup this little guy... I'm not the biggest fan of the color but that can easily be changed. The guy I bought it from said he found it in a barn and that it had been sitting for about 10years. He bought it roughly 10months ago and turned it into what it is now. He put it at about 65% complete which isn't far off. On startup it sounds mechanically fine, at least there isn't any crazy knocking or anything like that. The digital dash works with no issue but wiring for the headlights needs some work. Sadly, the dash has the famous crack down the middle but it isn't huge and should be repairable. Overall I have to say I'm pretty damn happy with car. As far as future plans, other than a paint job, I'm still now sure what direction I want to go... But once I decide I'll do my best to document everything I do. I look forward to talking with everyone and sharing my story.
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