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  1. New to owning a Z. Previous owner had the car for about 10 years, and didn't do a ton of maintenance. Like change trans, diff fluids. I got done with the trans and went to do the rear end. Its a 73 240z. Male square headed bolt is the fill plug. I torched it, penetrating fluid. Torched it more. The only thing that I can get on there is a standard adjustable crescent wrench. Is there a better tool? Do I need to remove the rear crossmember to have better access to it? If so, does anyone have a good step by step with pictures or a video on how to drop the crossbeam? What about filling through the breather? Is that a check valve / one way valve? Or is it an empty tube? I took the cap off and am fairly certain I felt something inside of it that would make filling through it tough. Anyways, please help before I round the head of this bolt off. I don't have a welder, by the way... so if I need to weld something to it to get a better grip, it's not the best option for me at this time. Thanks!!
  2. Thank you. Thoughts on this then http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic20m01b/23-4190 ?
  3. I don't know a ton. Previous owner had it for 10 years. Didn't drive it much. Kept it fairly clean. Owner before that was in TX. Very little scale rust. Clean car. It's been swapped to an L28. Has round top SUs. 5 speed trans. Definitely some work on it here and there, but fairly stock, original. I've changed the oil and plugs. I'm going to do trans and rear end fluids asap as well. I drove it home from the seller, 90 miles. Mostly back country roads and some highway. It'll do 70+ no problem. But it doesn't FEEL great. For a beautifully running 73, I'm happy to far. I got a crazy deal on it, $4500. Been a dream car since I was a kid. So I couldn't be happier.
  4. A bit of both. I prefer rubber but poly for the most part. I went with energy suspension graphite infused, which has a softer durometer than prothane. Anything will be better than busted bushings.
  5. New 240z owner here. The car has a little shimmy when driving, and it pulls a bit to one side as well. I've ordered all new bushings. I've ordered a new steering rack w/ inner and outer tie rods. I've ordered new ball joints. Am I missing any "must do" suspension refresh parts? Thanks all.
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