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  1. Hmm. Bit more digging and answered my own question. Doors are different.
  2. Good evening, I have searched the forums for the answer to this question but can't find a definitive list. I have received helpful replies to my other questions. Does anyone know if the doors for the 240z/260z are interchangeable with 2+2 doors? I have some pinholes in my doors and they are fixable but I have found a couple of doors in great shape from a donor car... a 240z. I would love to use them if I can. Thanks in advance!
  3. Just an intro to my project. I came across a 1974 Datsun 260z 2+2 and couldn't resist. My 260z 2+2 is the early version which I like. The car needs some as they all do I expect. I am also a little concerned about parts availability for a 2+2 but basically I am pretty excited to have the car. While a basket case Porsche 911 (air cooled) remains my holy grail auto project, the Datsun Z has long been a favourite of mine. The body is pretty solid and what isn't solid can be replaced (left front fender, hood, lower valance/air dam, upper hood cowl). There are some pin holes on the lower doors. I don't know if the doors for the 2+2 are longer than standard coupe doors. I can either fill the pin holes, or fab repair panels. The rear has a few issues around the lower hatch area of the quarter panels. I will have to fab/weld those spots. The good news (I think) is that the previous owner did a lot of work under the car. The chassis is in great shape with a fresh coat of POR-15. The gas tank etc, cleaned, sealed and covered in POR-15. The car runs and has a swap to SU carbs. That is good. It also seems to run well and is strong. Tranny is 4 speed but this will defo be swapped out for a 5 speed and I have already sourced one. Interior is removed but in good shape other than the driver's seat which could use a refinish. I think I will just refinish all the seats in something a little nicer than the vinyl that was original. My goal is to have runner/driver in a year or so. That is ambitious given my work schedule but perhaps doable if I can manage to divert some funds into the project. I would love to go crazy and pick up as much carbon fibre exterior parts as I can (hood, hood cowl, front and back thin bumpers, air dam/valance, and fender flares) but that is a very pricey road forward. I may just go for the fibreglass parts. Lots of pics to follow. All help and input will be greatly appreciated!
  4. Sorry to bother you all. I have been scouring the internet and have found patch panels for most of the things I need. That said, I cannot find a patch panel for the filler area of the gas tanks/door. Can anyone help me source this? I can weld but I don't think I have the skills to fab that tank filler area. Thanks immensely for you help!
  5. Just curious if anyone can help me. I have searched this topic but can't nail down an answer on whether a 2+2 hatch is interchangeable with a regular hatch (ie. 280z, 280zx, 300z etc). Are all s30 hatches adaptable to other s30s? I guess it is just part of owning a 2+2. Some parts just aren't swappable.
  6. Good evening! I am new to all of this Datsun stuff. I have some experience building and working on Karmann Ghia's and other VWs. Looking forward to getting to work. I live a few hours east of Toronto and love being in Canada. Name is Matthew. I recently bought a 74 260z 2+2. I know these are likely the least popular of the Zs but I love the 2+2. Little bit longer but let's face it, none of the Zs are very large cars. I am going to get to work on the car asap and will be seeking much advice and encouragement. My car is a bit rough and like most people, I am inheriting someone else's failed attempt to rebuild the car. The engine is, I understand, numbers matching with chassis and has only 52,000 miles. Tranny is functional. Interior is not in the car but is in good shape other than some rips in the driver's seat. Has a set of ROTA wheels which are okay but will likely go in the future in favour of something a little larger. Needs primarily body work. I am looking for two new front fenders, hood, and headlight housing.... although car came with each of the parts mentioned. I would like a bit better quality if I can find it. Car is red and is an early 74 260z. I will likley keep the car the original colour but may decide to go nuts and head for a gun metal grey or something like that. I am aware from past building that these projects are always much more pricey than you presume. I am okay with that. I will be keeping this one. I love these beautiful cars. I also likely overpaid for mine but in Canada, Zs are not cheap. That is all for now. I will try to post some pictures soon. Thanks in advance for all the help and knowledge I am hoping will be imparted my way! Matt
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