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  1. what's funny ? did I say something wrong?
  2. Looking for a distributor for my turbo engine, if shipped how much?
  3. Is it possible to use my 280zx 5 speed transmission on a sbc 350? If so what adapters do I need?
  4. Quick question to see if anyone has had this issue, so I bought new rims and wheels with all the same offest and the rear I have 2 inch spacers and one the rear right stick out and I have no idea why. I would want the one the left to stick out like the other one.
  5. Do you know where I can get some decent and nice flares ?
  6. A question for all, what do you guys think about fender flares on the 280zx ? Bad idea or good
  7. Yes I have the bare block since I sold everything else and would like to upgrade everything, do you have any ideas what's a good matchup for the block ? Like rebuild kit from eBay or another website
  8. Money won't be the problem, what I'm worried about is how long I won't have my car running, what I want to do is get everything ready to just bolt on and go because this is my daily driver and the only car I have.
  9. Do you know what rebuild kit I should get for the block ? My options are anything to get it running with a little power and then upgrade certain components What do you suggest I do first ? At the moment I only have the block nothing else.
  10. Yes the manual has arrived but I need to get certain parts, I still need to order the mounts from them Yes my car runs well since it's my daily, some things need fixing like the control arm bushing and need slotted brakes for the front, also would like to upgrade to a big brake kit, do you know of any ? Yes I have the engine but it's a block for now, I'm rebuilding it from the ground up so I'm looking for rebuild kits for it but don't know what stage cam to get. Also I haven't thought of a tranny but I would like to keep it manual.
  11. Sweet !, All this juicy information is going to help me lots. Do you think we can get into further contact via email ?
  12. Thank you for responding, yes I will get the most out of jtr. The information you have given me is very helpful. Also I want to still run a manual trans do you have any suggestions ? And about the wiring where can I get a plug and play harness or is it just easier to create one. If so, do you have a diagram I can follow as a reference ?
  13. Hello everyone, I'm new to the Datsun community. I have a N/A 1981 Datsun 280zx I've had for a year and man it's the best car I've ever bought. I have been thinking about swapping it with an Sbc 350 but need the right guidance. Some of the forums don't give a lot of detail, is anyone in Long Beach Ca or near ? Yes, I have purchased the JTR manual but currently waiting for it to arrive. I would like some pointers from people who have done this swap before. Here are some pics of my car.
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