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  1. Sweet !, All this juicy information is going to help me lots. Do you think we can get into further contact via email ?
  2. Thank you for responding, yes I will get the most out of jtr. The information you have given me is very helpful. Also I want to still run a manual trans do you have any suggestions ? And about the wiring where can I get a plug and play harness or is it just easier to create one. If so, do you have a diagram I can follow as a reference ?
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new to the Datsun community. I have a N/A 1981 Datsun 280zx I've had for a year and man it's the best car I've ever bought. I have been thinking about swapping it with an Sbc 350 but need the right guidance. Some of the forums don't give a lot of detail, is anyone in Long Beach Ca or near ? Yes, I have purchased the JTR manual but currently waiting for it to arrive. I would like some pointers from people who have done this swap before. Here are some pics of my car.
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