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  1. Thank you for the info. i will check out those websites. Josh
  2. Thank you for the add! i have been into cars most of my life. no particular brand favorite, but have always liked the datsun Z cars. just recently i had a family member that lost her husband. he had two datsun's. one is a 77 280z and the other a 78 810 wagon. she needs to sell these two cars and due to the circumstances we offered to house the cars and sell them. she was in a tight spot and needed to move the cars right away, but she really needed more time to sell them and is why we stepped in. Asking around locally i was referred to this website as you are a large group of Datsun enthusiasts. i read that to post cars for sale on this forum you have to be a donating member. if that is the case what is the donation needed to be able to post them for sale? pictures are of the cars. i wont put up prices until i can post in the for sale section. i want to follow the rules! Thanks, Josh
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