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  1. Hello All, So I recently purchased a 1978 280z. This is my first Z and really my first old car in general. It has had a bunch of modifications to it already from a guy in California who is an apparent Z collector \ restorer. With that bein said I have ideas, dreams, etc to do with this car. Im moderately mechicanically savy and pretty decent in the electrical \ retrofitting and engineering fields. With that being said, the car does need some work but has most of the essentials. Im looking for some help, direction, known impediments or problems to let me know what i should expect to be up against with this project. It has had the following done so far... Chevy 350 SBC v8 swap holly carb cams, headers, ignition 350 trans with shift kit Everything has been rewired to switches or button (Ignition, turn signals, headlights, etc) My plans are the following... Interior needs a good bit of stuff replaced like the dash, panels, door upholstry etc, shifter boot, etc. I need to get a new windshield as its cracked. Body seems good, no rust however one floor rail is bad and probably needs replaced. Ive heard bad dog rails should work? Speedo i think just needs a cable, most other guages work. Im looking to install some sort of gas guage With all that being said, and i havent had time to browse this site thoroughly yet, im wondering on where to start looking to get these parts, what to expect, etc etc. Will post pics when i get home from work.
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