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  1. will it be that bad? I'm fine with some degree of fab to get the model 3 rear end to fit in there. It definitely won't be reversible back there, the motor's just too big, but i want to minimize body cutting... On the upside the gas tank's right behind the diff it seems, and that's mutable so i might end up using the gas tank area for part of the motor and also bracing. poking around, looks like some folks make fancy custom diff frames when they're pushing down lots of power. but yeah, the pure weight of the motor could be the biggest problem, it's a 300lb nugget replacing a 80 pou
  2. The S130 doesn't grab me quite as much. Thing about a huge, expensive project like this is i want to start with a car i actually truly like instead of "eh, gotta use this one because x y z reasons", so i'm not dropping 15-20 grand and 6 months to a year of time on a car i settled on. Also, curb weight started in the 2900 range on those. Part of the reason the Z is appealing over the Vette is the low starting weight, since weight is the enemy for an EV in general Future of hot rodding, lots of fun, cool challenge, etc.
  3. Nope. That sounds like it'd have awful range and power, to be honest, but I guess the parts are exceptionally cheap by comparison
  4. ah, i should clarify that by "modern handling" i mean not really wallowy and sketchy feeling. Of course, i'm using classic american cars as a comparison point, where "oh god what is the suspension doing i'm going to die" is the baseline, whereas on the Z it didn't have that problem from the get go. So perhaps just some basic stuff will get it where it feels right for me. Trying to keep the engine bay added weight to be comparable to an SBC swap, so like, 650lbs worth of batteries. Beefier springs will need to be up front to compensate of course. one big module can go in the gas tan
  5. oh, for some reason i thought some of the 240's had a power steering option but maybe that was on later 260s and 280s. Or maybe it was never ever a thing. Shows how much (little) i know. edit: nope, literally never a thing since it's so dang light. A lot of ev conversions switch to electric power steering because it sucks way less power than a hydraulic system, and that seems to be the more popular option for the Z so uh, yay i think that dimensions graph i believe you're referring to is really rough, i was fishing for anecdotes along the lines of "oh god no it's squished up in t
  6. So uh, this is early planning stages, i'm just going to lay the plan out and fish for feedback from you guys on feasibility, suggestions, thoughts, etc. I've wanted to do a classic car EV conversion for a very long time, and soon i'll be in a financial position to do so. The plan is to get a classic, drive it and enjoy it for about a year, get used to the platform's quirks/specs/aftermarket/maintenance, THEN jump into the conversion. As for which classic? it's still a bit of a tossup between an S30 and a C3 corvette since the styling of both really speak to me. They both
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