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  1. Yeah that's what I thought it might be at first glance... But it's way worse than the left side and you can see that the metal was pushed into the enginebay by a bit (in the last picture I posted) . And that's what I'm concerned about bc the plus of material has to come from somewhere... But I guess I'll just wing it and cut that section out to replace it. I was in the process of stitchwelding the enginebay (left side) when I noticed there was something not quite right with the other side... And I want to get a cage put in
  2. Hey all, While taking my 73 240z apart I stumbled across some weird deformations in the front right wheel tub and it seems like the radiator support hast been out of the car and put back in. When I bought the car everything looked and fit fine (front fenders etc.) and still does when I put stuff on. Only spot that doesn't fit perfectly is where the right side fender is mounted at the bottom in front of the door. There's a space of like 1/2" (1,5cm) between the mounting point and the fender itself. And there is a dent on the bottom of the right side frame rail roughly a
  3. the bolt pattern is different on the E88 head... the intake manifold is mounted with 6 bolts/studs+nuts at the top, where the l28et one has 4. I might be able to just change that but it would be way easier if someone here had the correct one
  4. I'm looking for a Technical drawing or a CAD file of the intake Manifold on an E88 Head. I wan't to do some CAD designing and later 3D printing and testing for the L24 turbo build I'm planning. Having both the dimensions of intake and exhaust manifold flanges would be great but im primarily looking for the intake ones. (i found a l28et one but that's not exactly what i need https://cad.onshape.com/documents/62ec8d4c1b6a326b006e0e4f/w/829e4a2841936f5429ec421d/e/db10d8b7ab8801d4d61a16c5)
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