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  1. Hey guys I have a 78 280z and I found a good deal on a pair of front wheel hubs but it's off a 71 240z,are they interchangeable? I know the 280z hubs are thicker and stronger but I'm just trying to use my 280z as a daily and enjoy it thanks.
  2. Hey man sorry for the late reply I just dont know if I got repliess so i checked and yea I'm down to pay 200 what's the condition of them?
  3. Hey guys I have a 280z 78' and I was replacing wheel bearings and rotars when I noticed my front hub has markings looks like whoever replaced the wheel bearings before me used a chisel and chiseled some of the hub off. So I rather replace them then try to install my new bearings in there. So i need two if anyone in San Diego area of even up to LA I can come pick up I can pay cash and shipping if out of state or too far l. I just really want to drive my Z again thanks guys. Or if anyone knows where I can get them cheap that also helps.
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