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  1. Hi, I'm looking for two of the side-connecting terminals / connectors to replace the factory connections to my fuel level sender. I've found a source but I'd need to send a check or money order to order them. It seems unlikely that this type of connector was proprietary to Nissan for this connection and that I'm simply missing the right search term to find them elsewhere. I'm not in dire need of the rubber hoods shown in my attached image. Thx for any help, njm
  2. Miles, It sounds like by drilling that small hole in the cap you've prevented the creation of both vacuum and pressure in the main tank, and it's worked for you. I think it would follow that if I want to retain this reservoir tank, then using the 1/4" nipple on the top (hose #13) as a breather (with no check valve) would work for me like your solution has for you. I like the added prevention of spillover that this tank provides. Thx for the response.
  3. Seattlejester thx for the tips. I'll avoid quotes. Any way for me to modify this post to remove them? Also looks like you moved the post to Fuel Delivery, much better. I didn't see that section - I'm still figuring out how to post.
  4. Hi All, I'm trying to retain my factory fuel "reservoir tank" (the small metal tank behind the passenger-side rear wheel arch) despite some fairly drastic mods. In reference to the attached image: - I've retained one large ventilation tube (#5) and it's connected to the factory location on the reservoir tank. - I've eliminated two of the fuel tank ventilation tubes (#6 and #14) due to main fuel tank geometry. - I've plugged the corresponding inlets on the reservoir tank (for #6 and #14). - The reservoir tank is connected to the fuel filler hose as s
  5. That's a cool Tremec app. I bought a nice compact digital angle finder I'm going to use. I'll post some pics after I've taken my measurements.
  6. First post here all. I joined at around 3am the other night when duragg's original beginning of this thread was *exactly* what I am suffering from. I read every post with anticipation (like a mystery novel) and was very happy to see the issue was resolved. I've ordered a digital angle finder and am going to measure my u-joint angles ASAP. Would proper forum etiquette support me posting any further questions I might have and/or my results here (for future vibe sufferers)?
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