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  1. I asked for asphalt but I'm not sure if i got the right color page - My computer won't load the link and my phone brings up the site with colors, but I don't see this "Heather Gray" that everyone else requested. I want a dark grey/charcoal color so whatever fits that description. Thanks.
  2. 1 Short Sleeve XL - Black 1 Short Sleeve L - Asphalt 15084
  3. I have a 280z that I am restoring. I have several engines that I have collected over the years and want to come up with a gameplan on which combo to use. I know a lot of it is preference, but I was hoping to hear your thoughts and why you think it would be the best combo. I'm planning on installing forged dished pistons (CP brand) in any engine I decide as well as a full rebuild. I'm not exactly sure at the moment what compression/dish the pistons are. They say 8.0:1 compression on the box, but I'm not sure what engine combo that was from. They are new, but i bought them second hand. I will be installing a HY35 turbo and Megasquirt. No initial thoughts on horsepower yet. I currently have the following: 77 280z engine - N42 block/N47 Head (ran good - burned a lot of oil) 78 280z engine - N47 block/N47 Head (heard it run, never drove it) 79 280zx engine - N42 block/N47 Head (never heard it run) 8? 280zx turbo engine - F54 Block seized/P90(not sure if its an A yet) 83 280zx turbo engine - F54/P90A Head - Heard it fire up on starting fluid - Good oil pressure What combination do you think is best? Am i gaining anything other than the siamesed cylinders with the f54 block (I could possibly sell the block as is if I don't use it)? Are all the rods identical? Is the P90a head actually the best for turbos, or has that been disproven? My initial thoughts would be to use the 83 f54 engine and p90a head but I would like to keep my compression close to 8:1 as i can. Any opinions or suggestsions are welcome. Thanks. (I think i got the 77/78 280z engines with the correct codes, but they started blurring in my head of which is which so they may not be the exact combo that I listed)
  4. datsundoug

    Fender Mirror Options?

    I'm trying to source some decent fender mirrors, bullet style. I purchased some from Zcardepot and they are pretty cheap looking and also had a lot of plastic injection molding issues. I've seen several pictures of other ones online, but can't find where to purchase them. I am looking for black ones, although I could paint/powder coat them if needed. Anyone have any options? Thanks.
  5. datsundoug

    Which megasquirt version is recommended?

    Ok, sounds like the MS2 is plenty for what I would want to do. I am intrigued by the microsquirt but I'm not sure what I'd be giving up over the MS2. Sounds like it would do everything I need to do in a smaller/cheaper box?
  6. datsundoug

    Which megasquirt version is recommended?

    Lack of focus is my middle name. The car is still on the rotisserie and I'm worried about engine management right now for some reason.
  7. datsundoug

    Which megasquirt version is recommended?

    Ok thanks. I was unaware of being able to upgrade that easily. Should I be worried about the lack of sequential? I'm not too familiar with the specifics of it but I have the feeling it wouldn't be necessary since you're running without it. Anything else you would recommend when I order it? Are you using the built in MAP sensor on the MS2 or the GM sensor? I haven't found a definite answer as to if the Megasquirt will run the Ford COP's or if I would need additional components to do so. I think im going to attempt the diy kit and spend some free time soldering it.
  8. I'm in the process of reconstructing a rustbucket of a 280z and have plans for turbo. I plan on using a holset HY35, forged 8:1 pistons, (not sure what head im going to use yet) probably 450 injectors, fmic, etc. I have a seized turbo engine that I'm hoping has good distributor still. I also liked the idea and cleanliness of the ford coil on plugs. Tuning will be a slightly new adventure for me, so I'm not too familiar on what is best for this setup, or even what the differences are in the Megasquirt versions. I'm currently looking at the MS2 and MS3, but I'm not sure if the MS3 is really giving me anything extra or not. I've tried searching and haven't really found a great comparison or recommendation of which version to go with. From the information provided, would an MS2 do everything I need, or would i be better off with the MS3? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  9. datsundoug

    Holset HY35 Exhaust Flange Adapter?

    I guess thats one way to do it but I dont know how well i trust my welding skills to cast but it could be an option. That adapter may be what I'm looking for but it doesn't definitely say it will work with the HY35. I'll have to get some measurements and see if I can make that work. I know there are some more people running this turbo, what did you guys use?
  10. datsundoug

    Holset HY35 Exhaust Flange Adapter?

    Thanks. Im not aware if the HE351 is the same setup as the HY35. I'm way ahead of myself here (still repairing rust on the rotisserie), but am stocking up on parts i'll need as i go. I don't have a downpipe or anything yet, but in order to make a downpipe, i need a way to connect it to the holset flange. Does the cast elbow have a standard v band clamp at the end? I might be interested in it just to have in case i go that route. Do you have a clamp to go with it? PM me some info and/or pics, and what you're looking to get for it. Thanks.
  11. I am curious what others have done with the HY35 downpipe. I just ordered a turbo and it does not have the elbow with it, so it is just the round flange that I dont believe is a standard v band. I can't seem to find a weldable adapter either. All i can find is adapters to mate up to a 5 bolt flange which I dont want. Is there a weldable flange out there that I just havent seen yet, or do others get the elbow and connect the vband to it? Thanks.
  12. datsundoug

    Fender flares - What do people recommend?

    Thanks for the replies. I think I'd go with the MS ones from the sounds of it but the classicdatsun ones are about $100 less but no one has chimed in that has actually used them before. I know the 15x8 won't fill the flares, so I assume Id need at least an inch spacer to make it look right. I'm more into the style of the flares and not necessarily their function, so I'm not after crazy wide wheels. Anything wider than 8 seems to be hard/expensive to find.
  13. datsundoug

    Fender flares - What do people recommend?

    Ok, thanks for the link. Looks to be about $300 shipped for them which isn't terrible if they're that much better. What makes the MSA ones bad? is it fitment, or the finish? I assume ebay ones are all universal, but was wondering if anyone had any luck with any certain ones. I'll admit, i haven't done much research on the wheel size/fitment, but a couple of the flare posts i read through I thought i picked up on the 8 wide wheel recommendation, possibly with a spacer. I'll do some more research on that.
  14. I'm looking to put fender flares on my z and want to see what everyones recommendations are. I tried researching and get the idea that Motorsport Autos are best, but I'm curious about the ones on ebay. Has anyone bought a set from ebay? What seller and how did they fit? I'm not tremendously picky about fitment because I doubt I'll be able to get this car "show quality", but if it's a huge pain in the ass, then Id spend the extra money and get the Motorsport ones. Id just rather get things from ebay if I can because I have several gift cards and discounts I can use. Thanks for any info. This may be for another search or thread, but is the recommendation 15X8 wheels with the flares? or would you still need a spacer to fill them out with those wheels? I'm far from ready to do anything with my z (still on the rotisserie repairing rust), but I'm stock piling parts slowly. Thanks again!
  15. Does any modifiactions need done with the driveshaft? or can the stock turbo zx driveshaft fit the 280z with BW t5? Thanks.