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  1. So I started the car today and both tech and gas gauge are now working. No clue why but I’m happy.
  2. Assuming that’s the issue, it there a fuse that would be effected that’s not in the box on the passenger side or a way to “reset” things?
  3. The fuse from the battery to the amp was blown. I pulled it. Could whatever blow that fuse have done something to the dash, tach and fuel gauge? All the fuses in the fuse box are fine.
  4. That’s what I was thanking. The power wire touched the metal floorboard and shorted everything. The only fuses I know of are on the right side of the passenger firewall. I checked those and they are good. Are there other fuses?
  5. I didn’t cut anything. The wires for the AMP ran from the dash area down the floor board to the amp that was actually located behind the passenger seat. I simply unscrewed the wires (power, ground, speakers, etc.) and pulled the amp out. I left the wires alone. They are still just under the carpet.
  6. Any chance the problems would resolve if I hooked them amp back up?
  7. I disconnected an aftermarket amplifier in my ‘75 280Z this weekend. Later that day, the dash and running lights went out. Today, the tach and gas gauge stopped working. Did disconnecting the amp cause this or is it just coincidence?
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