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  1. @bunkhouse Z therapy specialises in older SU's not Hitachi SU's unfortunately...sent them a mail yesterday @Tony D you alive bud? they told me you are the king hehe
  2. If parts are interchangeable with normal su's we shouldn't have an issue. However gaskits and hitachi su specific parts i need, and since im a long way from the US ideally it would be a 1 stop shop.
  3. Just sent them an email to check on the kit, we have plenty of experience with normal SU's. The issue is that we need parts, and since im based in Malta, Europe...ideally it would be a one stop shop.
  4. Hi all, I am looking to rebuild our Hitachi SU's for my 260z. Unfortunately I cant really find a comprehensive kit. I would like to have the gasket and seals, the floats the jets/needles and all the consumables, to get them working like clockwork. I was told to look for someone by the name of Tony D, he apparently is an expert on the subject matter. I would appreciate if you can help me locate the parts. Thanks in advance Chassis87
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