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  1. I’ve been browsing the forum for a bit searching as to how simple it is to replace the r180 that comes with the 1978 280z 2+2 Automatic with an r200 3.9 differential! I’ve read some that say it’s a simple drop in, and others contradicting it. I just want a final answer, or a place to find it. I’ve browsed the Factory Service Manual for this year also, but I can’t seem to find it either.
  2. Hello everyone, long time lurker here. Initially had an 86’ 300zx N/A that I loved and adored, however I’ve sold it since I had to leave the US for a bit, and now I’ve bought a 1978 2+2 280z Automatic. Now, I’ve never done an engine swap. I’m familiar with engine maintenance, parts installation, and that’s really it. I’m interested in taking on the task of swapping the stock L28E engine and installing an RB20. I see several RB20s on EBay going for fairly affordable prices with the transmission. I’ve read that it’s simple, and that there’s an actual guide out there, however I can’t find it! I’m not craving amazing amounts of horsepower, I just want a car that I can drive somewhat reliably and have fun with. If I install the RB20, it would remain stock for sometime. What parts on the 280z would I need to upgrade, if any to support this engine and daily function of the vehicle? Tl;dr Rookie in over his head bought a 280z, wants to install RB20 that comes with a 5 Speed Transmission. Needs the guide, also wants to know that with the installation of this engine and wiring harness for it, what parts he needs to upgrade on the vehicle to reliably sustain this engine. Thanks!
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