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  1. Thinking about this more - I suppose the lower backspacing on the front (given the same wheel size) actually staggers the setup to front? Think this can be offset by running narrower tires up front - like 225/235? Thanks so far for the input!
  2. jhm, I'm running coilovers currently. Ben - that makes sense -w- the steering knuckle. So seems its probably a clearance thing.
  3. Yep I've checked those out. This fella in the first link is running the 15x10 -38 (4 bs) front/15x10 -25 (4.5 bs) rear setup on what looks to be standard ZG flares. Doesn't seem to poke. Here's another with the same on the ZG flares (the comicartist guy): https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/111568-aggressive-fitment-for-zg-flares/ But still curious about the reasoning behind the staggered (front -38) offset.
  4. Hi all! New z owner. Quick question after some research on this: In looking at 15x10 setups, noticed some folks running on ZG flares: 15x10 -25 (4.5 bs) all around, or 15x10 -38 (4 bs) Front, and 15x10 -25 (4.5 bs) Rear What I'm not sure is why some are running less backspace on the fronts. Is this 1) to acheive a square setup (assuming the 280z hubs front and back aren't square from the factory, or 2) to push the fronts wider for flare fitment purposes? Or maybe 3) for suspension clearance? Obviously I'm trying to achieve a flush look on the ZG flares. I'd assume the difference in offset is for reason #2, but wanted to check with some that might have some experience or knowledge on this. Thank you so much!
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