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  1. Mine are on the way with his upgraded pieces so i am pretty stoked
  2. Thanks for all the inputs guys! I am waiting on my engine bay chasis rails to get here from the UK(Auto Panel Solutions)... once i repair them then i will get the car to the blaster so i can clean her up
  3. Look in the pic... the frame rail tapers leading into the radiator support.... my question is... the Zedd rails do NOT have that taper... they are straight.. which means i would "drop" the new rail down that much for a level rail
  4. Hey guys, i purchased a set of new engine bay chasis rails from Zedds.... i notice that the old rails toward the radiator have a taper... the Zedd rails do not... in theory... i would have to drop the new rail every so slightly to keep it in a level position.... does this matter ?
  5. Hey guys, im fixing to start welding my floors and the bad dog rails.... should i just stitch weld them or plug weld situation....?
  6. I ended up getting it! I kept trying to spin the left rear and it would not budge...but the right turned and I was able to get it.
  7. Hey guys, Which rear diff do I need to buy to throw in my 74' 260Z.........? Motor is RB26.... I definetely want LSD.... do I just pick up a stock R33/34 rear diff......? Or is a a cheaper/better route to take..? Daily driver, will never see the track, maybe an occasional drag strip run but pretty tame setup. 400whp sleeping monster lol... Thanks in advance!
  8. Anyone know of a company out there that makes an Air Suspension kit for the S30 chasis?
  9. Rear wheels are off the ground and the parking brake line is disconnected at the brake handle....? Am i missing something in the rear on the e-brake..?
  10. Hey guys... I'm trying to remove the driveshaft on my 74' 260Z and the damn thing just won't turn... i have it in neutral and it just won't turn... like something is seized up....? I got 2 of the bolts out but I cannot turn it to get the other 2 out to drop the drive shaft. Any ideas...?
  11. So what your saying is that I should not let them black those areas?
  12. Yea there is a Dustless Blasting place nearby and the price isn't horrible... I guess it's really a gamble...and they said they can remove the undercoating as well...so that's a huge plus!
  13. I'm wanting to get the 260Z blasted to expose all the rust and what not.... I've heard that the metal is so thin that more times it will warp the metal. Should i just manually strip the car or go ahead and get it blasted? I'm worried about the car being jacked and requiring a load more body work that I need. Jon
  14. Hey guys! My name is Jon and I am picking up a 1974 260Z in a couple days and I could not be more excited!! Its been my dream to own one of these cars and a Nissan Skyline but unfortunately, i cannot afford a Skyline lol... so the next best thing is swapping in an RB26DETT motor! I am super pumped to begin my restomod and be apart of the community! I will definitely lean on the knowledge in this forum to get through this build! I will post some pics of the 260Z this weekend once I have her!
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