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  1. I'm not typically a New Years resolution type of person but for 2020 it's time to get moving on on my 72 240. When I first got the car I drove it fairly regularly and got to spend a lot of time wrenching. I replaced virtually the entire cooling system (minus heater core and metal tube around back of the engine) after fixing small leaks one after another. I then found the right front bearing to be shot so replaced calipers, pads, rotors and bearings on both sides with original components. From that point I just began acquiring parts with spare money but just never got the chance to install them. They include dual Corbeau seats with new brackets, an updated stereo from head unit to 8" sub, larger alternator and various other parts I am overlooking that I need to inventory. Having two kids and returning to finish a higher education degree really zaps some time! My long term goal is to have something I can trailer up to the mountains or an HPDE at least once, maybe twice a year. The rest of the time I'll be cruising around the local area and hopefully attending some car shows. While she is in fantastic shape, I do have some minor rust areas I need to have a professional address before I pull the trigger on any other modifications. I am interested in doing the R200 rear end and possibly a 5 speed swap, in my notes from my research years ago I wrote that the 280ZX was the ideal candidate but I'm not 100% sure why (gear ratios I think). I'd also like to update the suspension, braking system and some better wheels and tires. As far as the interior goes I have the aforementioned seats and stereo and I'd like to change the white vinyl to....anything else. I also plan on adding some carbon accents inside as well, but not on the exterior. In the interest of full disclosure I am in no way a professional mechanic. I do a lot of research and watch a lot of YouTube before undertaking a modification or repair. I am new to the forum world but I think it will help inspire me to press on. The car has been garaged from the moment I bought it but at this current moment it is NOT running and the last attempts to get it started have been futile. I plan on adding this forum to my morning routine and welcome any help, tips or insight. I am located in the southeast corner of Virginia near the North Carolina border. If you are close by maybe we can chat or I can check out your Z and get this project rolling again!
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