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  1. I was able to buy a bumper, no longer needed.
  2. I'm looking for a 240Z steel bumper (no fiberglass), I plan to paint it so I don't want a chrome bumper. I'm looking for I guess the "euro style" that is smooth. Most of the companies that sell them seem to be out of stock. Let me know what you have.
  3. Yeah I don't expect you to cut the covering off and look. I appreciate you taking the time to check for me. I wish they still had some 280ZX's at the wrecking yard, I used to see them a lot, but I guess that means people are taking care of them.
  4. I'm hoping someone can help me out by taking a picture of the front wiper motor connector, on the wire harness side. I think it would be the same for all 79-83 280ZX's. On the wiper motor side the colors are different, and I'm trying to wire up a new connector with my new wire harness. Since the connector is a rectangle 6 pin, it's hard to match up the colors with the FSM diagram. Help is really appreciated!
  5. I need the plug/connectors for the wiper motor with pigtails that would work on a 1980 280ZX. This would need to be the wire harness side (female connector end). Let me know what you have. Thank you.
  6. Yeah that makes sense, I just wonder how far the slip yoke needs to be inserted onto the output shaft. I actually have a driveshaft that I test fit and the slip yoke is about 1" from bottoming out, I just wonder if this is too far out. Thank you,
  7. I have a VQ35DE swap (engine/transmission) in a 280ZX and I'm trying to measure the driveshaft length I need. Typically it would be measured with the slip yoke pulled out 3/4" from the output shaft, for suspension travel, but since this is IRS the suspension travel does move the position of the rear end. So would I measure with the slip yoke inset all the way until it stops? Can someone confirm if on the 350Z, how far the driveshaft slip yoke goes into the transmission output shaft?
  8. Thank you to all those with helpful advice I appreciate it.
  9. I don't know where you think I"m coming across a guy who knows everything. I asked a question, you misinterpreted it and I clarified. I'm sorry if I offended you in someway.
  10. I'm aware of that, but I was wondering if an LSD would bolt directly into a non-LSD differential case or if parts would have to be interchanged to make it work.
  11. Question for everyone, will a Z31 LSD center fit any long nose R200 differential case? Would it fit in a 87-88 300ZX non-LSD R200 differential?
  12. Is there any possible way to bolt that R200 differential into a R180 housing?
  13. Yes. I've used MFactory LSD in other cars, so that does catch my interest. Thank you for bring that to my attention.
  14. Thank you for the informative response. So stock ZX axles would work with the S15 Helical LSD? I thought I read that the S15 is 30 spline and the ZX stub axles are 29 spline.
  15. I have a 1980 280ZX that will be receiving a VQ35DE and 6-speed manual transmission. Power will be at the most 300 to the rear wheels. The stock rear end is a R180. I was looking for LSD options and besides the Z31 R200 long-nose differential (cheapest I found was $1200), I have some other options in mind, but every thread specific for the S130 I search references another thread that is no longer available. I have some questions about what axles would be required: - R200 open-diff rear end with a S15 Silvia Helical LSD and the 10mm to 13mm ring gear adapters: Are there factory nis
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