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  1. V true. Yea, just the headlighs on the fiat are already 'datsun-ish' but you're right - the miata is always voted more fun to drive and save some money and actually get the bumper. Good thinking.
  2. Hey ya'll, Big Z fan. But had an idea of taking a modern Fiat 124 and turning it into a 'Z'. Any thoughts? Tried to see how closely it would match, but not sure it would be worth the effort. Could be fun... Put in a Before (124), an "After" and a Black and White conversion (to remove some of my Paint.net skillz . Mods that would need to be done: Custom Roof with hatch Remove convertible Pseduo B pillar Custom rear bumper New wheels Lowered Other odds in ends (matching windshield color), gas tank options Love the
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