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  1. i think the scoop is one of the cheapos in jc whitney mags its just glued on and is none functional
  2. yea go back to ur toy ♥♥♥♥ lol...effin blondie...he just wants to be cool like us....ok ok back to the car...u down for tues gallo?
  3. well the low rider songs cool but its not my style lol but im down lol....u need a mullet wig and ur texas tuxcido:mrgreen:
  4. look at that sexy comet....lol ur driveway makes it look all high lol....hit me up on ur day off and i will come help u again!!
  5. lol i never said miller lite...i dont drink that light beer ♥♥♥♥...haha
  6. yes it was and its in good shape for what it is...i cant wait to help with the build...galloguy05s going to be buying allot of beer lmao
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