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  1. Hey guys, I have been searching the forums for research, trying to find the best answers but am feeling overwhelmed if I'm being honest. I've been working on my 240z for a while now and am at the point where I need to start setting up fuel delivery. I picked up a set of 40's and a harada intake manifold. If I understand correctly, I should also be looking for an electric fuel pump and a block off plate for the mechanical one. What's the best fuel pump I should snag? Not a high hp l28, just street driven mainly. As far as fuel line I believe I should be running them in sequence front to rear with a return line to avoid deadheading the pump. A fuel pressure regulator and gauge need to be there as well, yes? I have heard to run the regulator on the return line so that pressure is constant? Forgive me for not using the search more, it's hard to find definitive answers when there are varying opinions. (And my limited understanding) I also know I should be cleaning and tuning the carbs which I will work at after completing the setup. The car had dual SU's so I will need to block off the coolant line as well. Any and all links to DIY's are greatly appreciated, if you've read this far I thank you. I am a paramedic so as you can imagine, it's a crazy time. Just trying to destress by focusing on my Z. Thanks everybody, hope you all stay safe out there!
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