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  1. Hi, I’m in the process of reinstalling my wiring harness on my early build 1975 280z. As I’m running carbs I have removed the EFI stuff. However, I have an 8 pin plug in the engine bay with only 6 wires, 2 of the pins are blanked and they appear never to have had wires going to them. Now the books says that there are 3 pairs of wires for the manual transmission (back-up lamp, neutral switch and top gear switch), one wire is for the oil pressure sensor and one is the signal wire to the starter motor from the relay i.e. 8 wires. So why does my 8 pin plug have only 6 wires. I
  2. Hi, just joined from Australia. I In the process of restoring a 1975 280z I bought from a guy who brought it over form The US when he immigrated to Australia. This model was never sold in Australia and so I will be relying on knowledge about the car from its home country. Unfortunately I bought it in pieces so I’m assembling it from books and google. I won’t be running the original injection as I have a set of triple 44mm Mikuniu carbs. Engine is the original L28 with forged Venolia pistons and custom camshaft.
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