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  1. Quick update for the 2jz build thatll go in the Z. Got the head completed rebuilt with BC hardware and ordered some goodies including a modified oil pump and valve covers. Turns out my daughter really loves wrenching. My sons nickname is "Toph" so that will explain the engraving. He has cerebral palsy and hangs out with me in the garage all day long. Everything is being test fit right now. Waiting on the coils, vvti rebuild, and some remaining gear and pulleys.
  2. So one thing I've always wanted to do is a c110 style skyline tail light setup. After doing some research I found a domestic vintage set that I can get as a reproduction. I'm working on fitting them to the tail light panels now. Here is a quick pic of the inner light behind the panel then a quick cut and paste of what I'm hoping the end result looks like! I'll starting the clay modeling and fiberglass work next.
  3. I thought that the timing gear issue on 2JZ engines was specific to the nonVVTI setup. I thought the VVTI had a single piece timing gear and not a two piece
  4. Of course. Ill let you know how well my experience goes at Q&E for the machining. They are local to us.
  5. Thats one of my favorite builds. I stare at those pictures for hours. I think a 2+2 looks so unique. Id add a rear lip spoiler as well as the fender mirrors.
  6. Thank you so much for your response. I agree with you. I am building this to be bulletproof for whatever I want to throw at it. The girdle I want to get comes with spacers for the the Titan Billet Main Caps so that it seats right below the cap apex and not too far into the oil pan area. I planned on doing both the titan billet main caps and girdle but didnt want to be laughed at for over engineering the bottom end. Q&E machining in Santa Ana already gave me a reasonable quote for a line bore on the block to align the the main caps and girdle while being set with ARP main studs.
  7. Thank you!!! This is great. I plan on doing a lot of metal work and seam welding.
  8. New member, new project. Friends call me the Russian Concussion. Starting a new project that has been in the planning and dream phase for decades. Single turbo 2JZ GTE VVTI swap with R154 in a 280z. Hopefully a 2+2 like my grandpa had. Will be starting with the engine build and continue waiting patiently for the right chassis to come my way. Planning on a full restoration as well with race ready suspension and chassis modifications. I know this wont be cheap and I plan on taking my sweet time. Engine should be in the garage in the next few weeks. Engine will be hot tank
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