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  1. Lol, guess I was so excited I failed to read about what this forum is about! I will continue to check in as from what little looking I’ve done here I have already found some helpful information.
  2. I do plan to keep it as original as possible since it is such a solid body. I’m wondering if undercoating it would in someway devalue it vs leaving it alone and keeping it as dry as possible.
  3. After months of searching and selling a rental property I’m the proud new owner of this 71 240Z! Seems to be fairly unmolested and runs great. Just wanted to introduce myself and I look forward to great feedback like I’ve seen in my voyeur days, I’m sure I’ll need it. First question, the car has original floorpans in really good shape, just some surface rust underneath. Should I clean up the rust and undercoat or leave the underside raw?
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