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  1. I built my for mpg. I’ve had LS Chevelles so though this might be a new challenge. I even managed to keep the weight down to 3,170 lbs with a full (20 gallon) tank. The OE Control box is too rich for my blood just for voltage control I would like. I might be able to use a smaller AC compressor like you because while my cabin is larger we don’t have the humidity here in Nor. California. I’ll have to look to see if the larger diameter PS pulley will clear my steering shaft when moved lower. It it will The smaller compressor and location swap may work for me. Thanks for the tips. I’m glad I dared revive a 4 year old post. dennis
  2. Jeez, I should have been calling you for advice. Nice looking swap. What can you tell me about how you relocating the AC compressor? I could not run one due to frame interference and would really like to add it back. Also, did you end up running the BCM from the Camaro? I did not and one thing that I lost that still bugs me is the loss of voltage control. It stays at 13.6 full time. How does your exhaust sound with Helmholtz Chambers? Dennis
  3. Well I wish I had seen this post 4+ years ago. i swapped a 2013 LFX and 6 speed auto into my 1966 Chevelle to use as a daily driver. My goal was to get 35 mpg but I’ve only managed 32. Not complaining. I can answer a lot of questions about mounts and the proper driveshaft mods, etc. did this swap project ever move forward
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