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  1. I am currently in the very early stages of a ~300hp L28ET build and am just trying to feel out what I want to put behind it. The car is 73 240z and had an L24 with an auto in it and barely ran, so I barely have any seat time in an S30. I know very little about the cars history so I am not sure if it was originally an auto car. When I bought the car it came with, what I have detemined is a 4 speed in the trunk. So far, I havenˋt opened the rear end to figure out what gear ratio that I have. I have been doing the research on the options, but know very liitle about the hp/
  2. I am looking at options for the engine build on my '73 240z. The car came with a L24 (E88/P30) in it, that ran when pulled. When I bought the car it came with an L28 (N42 block/ N47 head). I have not opened up the L28 to inspect it, but the engine does seem to turn freely. I don't know anything else about the history of the motor. I would like to work with what I currently have. I have done my research but, it all gets so confusing. I am interested to know if the L28 setup would be worth attempting to turbo? I know that the P90 is the preferred head when it comes to going turbo, but that is
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