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  1. Thank you guys, I really appreciate the information in your replies and you taking the time to help. Just to elaborate. I’m not making a turbo build just NA and looking to make a usable 200-220. Both the machinist I use and trust and his friend who has professionally built and raced Z’s both said to try and find out more but in their opinion I should just look for an N42 as that’s the route they have always taken. (Never used a P90 before) That’s proving harder than it sounds and even though I have seen some available in Japan for sale by the time I ship and tax gets
  2. Hey I’m From UK and come seeking knowledge from the hybridz melting pot. I have an L28 and a 260z box I’m trying to fit in my C130 and from googling it seems here is the best place to be for z related help. I’ve hit a stumbling block with my L28’s head. It seems I somehow found a P90 with exhaust emissions liners fitted. N42’S are hard to find here across the pond, so I’m hoping You guys can point me in the right direction. Is it worth removing the liners and porting or should I just keep holding out to find a good N42 or P90 without liners when a unicorn poops?
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