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  1. 5 lug front hubs (4.5" bolt circle) from the 84-85 300ZX Turbo. These can be used over the 240/260/280Z spindles, but they have a 20mm greater offset (outboard) than the original 4 lug hubs. These hubs also do not provide the inboard housing for a seal to cover the inboard seal step on the OE 240/260/280Z spindles. You could have a machine shop machine these slightly, and then press on a collar which could hold that OE seal. This would be a very simple job for a competent machine shop if you take them this hub and your original 4 lug hub. I bought them from a salvage yard to convert
  2. I just signed up today and made a donation, but my account shows no donations. I am trying to post in Parts for Sale, but it won't let me and I assume this is why. Does the donation need to be manually verified by an Administrator, and does having marked the "anonymous" boxes have anything to do with this? If so, how can I get it recognized by my account now so that I can post? Thanks.
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