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  1. Hi Thank you for the advice. I already have the how to rebuild your Nissan engine book. I have now just ordered the how to modify your Nissan engine book. clarkspeed is it worth the extra cost of getting flap top pistons over skimming the head to rais the CR? I am in the UK new pistons would be £300 from zcardepot where as skimming would be £50. Plus I am going to be running the stock cam so with flat top pistons the CR will to high?
  2. Hi I am restoring a 280z and I am at the point where I need to decide what to do with the engine. I have a stock l28(N42 block, N42Head). The engine is out of the car, I have taken the head off and I am going to rebuild the whole thing. Scenario The car is going to be my daily driver for the next few years then after that I plan on it becoming a track car. Therefore it needs to be comfortable to drive but I also want to set myself up nicely to turn it into a track car in the future. I want it to be naturally aspirated and run of pump fuel. I plan on running trip
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