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  1. Done! Is it safe to post e-mail addresses directly on a forum? I listed my e-mail in the message to the admins. Hopefully that reaches you. Thanks.
  2. This is "Michael" - in case that my user name isn't appearing. The other day my browser suddenly closed, logging me out of this (and other) sites. Upon refreshing the browser, I could not log in. The password that I'd been using, was not accepted. No problem... appeal for a refresh, via e-mail. ... except that that isn't working. I've been trying every few hours, for a couple of days now... and still no e-mail (not in spam either). Is there an alternative way of recovering my password? Thanks. p.s. When I use the e-mail address to generate this posting, the system rejects it, stating that said e-mail is already in use by another member! That's indication that the e-mail for Michael (the real me!) is correct. Odd...
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