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  1. A sandblaster was in order for restoring the majority of any undercarriage parts....not powder coating these either. Just single stage polyurethane paint. Here they are in epoxy primer. also found some calipers in a box of parts that came with the car. I posted a request for help to identify what they're off of and apparently theyre 82-83 280zx calipers. SO. On to my next question. Does anyone have the specs for the maxima caliper brackets? Heck if you have the specs, I'll build you a set for free haha.
  2. Still plugging away over here. I managed to buy another 2. One is complete 77 280z, one is parts carcass. My main focus lately has been working on a customer's 72 240z. He has a built sr20 going in that I need to fab up motor mounts for but his car is just as bad as my 78.
  3. Odd place to terminate as well considering the body sheet metal is popcan thin.
  4. Haha it's funny sometimes; the love for our projects. Patch most likely, complete with hemmed edge. The front lower corner is toast and the mirror has been shaved so it'll need attention there as well. I'm not sure where to find full skins.
  5. Started attacking the front of the floor pan today. Immediately had to attend to the a-pillar and fire wall area so that I'd have something there to actually weld to. It just keeps getting worse. Today was one of those days where I asked myself "wtf am I doing with this rust bucket"... Then your push on...
  6. Using the dimple hole to spray in some coating is an excellent idea! I'll look into what the best for Canada, and salty environments.
  7. I'll have to look into that. Is it similar to that por stuff?
  8. Haha I hope it isn't pretentious. This is my first real go at replicating panels to this degree. I am very fortunate to rent a spot with all the tools, and I pay for the consumables. So far however I am unable to find another Z project this rotten. Lots of info on here of people replacing just about every bit on these cars.
  9. Slowly picking away at it today.. The inner wheel well is rotten in spots so taking care of that, also going to try and make a seatbelt pocket. Pretty sure some tank/round over dies are in order for the bead roller.
  10. Thanks for the welcome! I bought my 3 piece valence off of Jim actually. He's a really nice guy and you're right, he knows just about everything there is about these cars. The cross member and rear subframe have been bolted in since day 1 and I threw the door back on to get the rocker lined up right. Caution is certainly being taken. Still waiting on my slip over outter rockers off the eBay....ordered back at the beginning of January and they sent me later 60's dodge d series rockers haha.
  11. You're right. Zinc coated weld-through primer is the way to go. As careful as I am, with my etch prime, I am hoping for another 20 years without issue. This car won't be in another field I pray and hopefully holds up. Seam sealer should do it's job. Maybe. Hopefully haha.
  12. Finally I had some time to get it all put in, reinstall the door to check gaps and make sure the door opening did not get skewed from cutting all that metal out. A brace would have been smart but there's still a trans tunnel, a pillar, b pillar, roof, firewall, and passenger side keeping the integrity. I hit all the hidden surfaces with epoxy primer and welded the rockers together and finally the floor.
  13. The closer I looked, the more rust and rot I found. How can I attach a new pan to metal that doesn't exist, or that has disappeared. A mixture of expanding foam and fiberglass were used by the PO to attempt a repair on the rockers...So.... New rockers had to be made. Inner and outer. Waiting on slip overs for 2 months now.
  14. See that moss! Wow. Immediately I picked up a rotisserie from a relative and got to work on the floor.
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