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  1. Rossman, you are correct we are going to be running a custom intake and a full megasquirt with modern injectors and LS coils and a 3-2-1 header going MS3X and will probably run the jeep cam sensor mod so we can run full sequential ( not needed but since it's capable why not) we plane to add boost and launch control etc etc so we need the MS3x so figured we would go sequential. The bottom end is all stock with the dished pistons as we plan to boost it later. we are going to be running the comp cams 280/280 .460 lift cam for a nice little lop ( son likes the sound ) and to get a l
  2. Hello All, My son and I are fixing up a 79 280zx and we are putting a medium size cam in it and we are putting a new intake on it. we were looking at the intake gasket and noticed it is about 1-2mm larger than the port all the way around we put it on the the new intake and it's also about 1-2mm bigger than the intake port. My question is should we gasket match the head and the intake? Now the head we plan to do a little clean up on and maybe unshroud the valves. I know the port goes from big to small at the pinch point from gasket surface to just before the bowl and
  3. Thanks again for the info. I had forgotten about TCP global and house of Kolor. looks like we are going that route so thanks again.
  4. Gtech very nice the color we are looking at is very similar to what your car looks like. yours is a little darker. so 1 gallon sprayable for every stage isn't to much? base stage, candy stage and clear stage. so a total of 3 sprayable gallons.
  5. So I am looking at spraying my sons 1979 280zx hard top. we plan to spray the exterior the door jams the engine bay the underside of the hood and the engine block. the paint is a red metallic color it is a 3 stage paint The base is a red color then the second layer is a candy red and then the final layer is clear coat. I am wondering how much of each layer will I need to paint this car? I will be spraying over a medium / light grey colored primer. The second layer the candy layer most who have sprayed this color say 2 maybe 3 coats are needed most times.
  6. That's what I figured but i wanted to double check. thanks again for the replies.
  7. We are debating if we want to do anything as we have another motor and another z car. we are thinking we will just put this one back together for now and just drive it and build the other motor up after we figure out what we want power wise and then we will rebuild this motor to go in the other car. Father and son cars the one we are currently working on is son car so dads can wait. Thanks for the replies I may pull a couple con rods and see how they look. so if the con rods look good and since I took them off should I run a quick bottle brush hone in the cylinders
  8. So pulling the caps and then retorqueing them is ok? should I put any assembly lube on the bearings when I put the caps back on or just some oil or leave them dry. I have experience with old school chevy and ford motors and well those things when you pull a cap you replace stuff cause it's cheap but these nissans are suppose to be tanks.
  9. Hello all, I have read a lot of posts and have read some say to rebuild some say to leave the factory stuff in the bottom end and I'm wondering what I should do. i have 130,000 mile 1979 280zx it has the 42 block and the 47 head. It ran and drove and didn't really smoke maybe a little we didn't drive it much just around the block brakes have issues. my son did a compression check on a cold motor and did not open the throttle and all cylinders read around 120 give or take 5 lbs. unfortunately We didn't do it warm and with the throttle open also after pulling the motor ( hav
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