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  1. Thanks for the welcome, and I appreciate the insight. There is a 280zx in the junkyard nearby, maybe I'll have to do some salvaging. Although I had a 70 240Z in high school and I loved the feel of that four speed, so I'll have to do some soul searching. As requested, here are a few more goodies. The first picture also shows an uninstalled BRE style (I think, but unknown brand) lip spoiler. My most coveted prize is of course, an FM radio from a later model, which will absolutely be installed. Enjoy
  2. Hello All,I recently inherited a 73 240Z in Red110 with a black interior, that was originally purchased to restore. It was filled with a lot of NOS Nissan parts from the original owner. Trim, fusebox, radios, diff parts, etc.Anyway, I am trying to identify these diff parts that were included (still in the box). I believe I have an LSD (2 pinion) and a 37x9 Ring Gear Set (4.11?), but I am not very familiar with these types of items. Will either or both of these fit in my stock differential? Are they worth installing? The part numbers I have are as follows:LSD 38420-E4610Pat 313151LDM55Gear 3
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