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  1. I do have a wideband to check AFRs. I'm hoping an intercooler and forged pistons will give me some wiggle room while I tune this thing. Its more for show and I don't plan on running any crazy amounts of boost, 6-8 PSI seems right around where I'd want it.
  2. Good Morning, New member from the Los Angeles area. I've got a 240Z with a heavily built L28 running triple 47mm OER carburetors, an SK Compo Turbo surge tank and a Garret T3/T4 turbocharger. I'm on the tail end of a complete restoration/rebuild project and it's mostly cosmetic stuff I have left to do. The car itself has a 5-Speed and is running/drivable. Still a lot of tuning left to do though. Next part of the project is to definitely clean up the engine bay. This is actually my first car project so I'm mostly learning as I go al
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