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  1. Yeah and I noticed the engine cover says Nissan ohc instead of turbo, I thought it was weird.
  2. Hey man, Okay so I dug deeper, I think you're right. No wonder I couldn't find anything, I was searching 280zx 1978.it doesn't even exist lol I found a guy selling a z, so I asked him if it was the 280zx and he said yes, I asked what year he said 1978. So I'm a newbie and new to the z world, but luckily I kept doing more research cause I think he's trying to pull one on me. He sent some pictures of the car and engine, hard to tell if it's a 280zx but I think it's not a 280zx and the engine I can't see the turbo. Is it okay if I post the pictures here and you could doub
  3. I just did a quick search, it says Nissan s130? Also called the Nissan 280zx fairylady z? Production from 1978-1983. I'm confused 😕
  4. Hello guys, hopefully I'm posting in the right area,im new here and I'm a newbie. I read a guide from hybridz, it mentioned to get a 1981-83 280zx, but I only managed to find a 280zx 1978,i know they are both l28et but just wondering if there is any difference between the 1978 vs 1981 280zx l28et. As he made it sound like the 1981-83 280zx is more preferable? I've tried searching for such info but couldn't find any. If this question has already been answered, I apologise in advance
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