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  1. The wheels went home with a member here so they are NLA.
  2. Was not able to find them, but that was quite an odyssey. I will just list the size and bolt pattern and hopefully they can be of use to someone.
  3. These were on an early 240z I acquired and the markings on the back are 'DEL Made in USA 4156' they are 15x6.5. I have some Rewinds to replace them, I find them kind of ugly and will probably free list them, but it would be nice to know what they are. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Sanchez, I ordered the Eibachs, the KYB's and bump stops, seemed like the best way to go as far as price and availability.
  5. Hello to all, I am looking to buy a set of new springs for a 1970 S30 , currently the stock springs are cut with stops removed and its just really bad. The objective is for them to be close to stock ride height and spring rate but I am aware a compromise is likely unavoidable. I have a new set of 15x7" Rewinds. the shocks will probably be KYB and the tires will be 205/60/R15s. The only springs that are available seem to be the Eibach Pros that may or may not lower the car 1" to 1.5" also they have fairly high spring rate and the fronts will have no pre-load. Then we have the aftermarke
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