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  1. Hello All, I am hunting an early 240Z pick up tube that fits the rear sump oil pan, probably going to have to try and fab something but maybe someone has one they are willing to part with? Let me know . Thank You
  2. Thanks Madcaw, I asked the machine shop to remove as little as possible to get me the RA for an MLS type gasket. Looks like I'm in good shape. Thanks again.
  3. I also found 4.248 on another forum but that for an E-88, very close to 108mm , assuming the E-88 and E-31 are the same. Anybody know?
  4. Hello, Does anyone know the dimension for a stock E31 that has not been resurfaced top or bottom? Looking around I have found 108 mm and and 4.218", appreciate the help.
  5. I ended up going with a Comp Cams cam (222@ .050 / .430 lift) and had the rockers reground at R.A.U. they have a jig and do a nice job. Also went with bronze valve guides. If you have access to a lathe you can make guides out of fancy acvw guides, they have the same id. and are available up to .008 over size. The goal is to have this car on the highway by summer.
  6. I was also curious about the the stock "A" L-24 cam duration (248) , is that measured at .050" ? I haven't been able to find a straight answer. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the reply, I have decided to stay with the E-31 size valves and just get nice valve job, as for the cam grind (Nissan cam) I'm thinking the minimum will be 260/.420" and max 270/.450" (opinions are welcome) a Delta regrind is $100 hopefully they have a profile somewhere in the middle, I will have the rockers resurfaced anyway, at $4 a rocker even if I don't use them they can sit on the shelf with a nice finish. I guess 12 new OEM rockers is to yet to be determined. I have had Delta grind couple inline 6 chevy cams way back when and they were great. I know the valve guide question is pretty mundane but cast are very durable the head now has worn bronze, did they come from the factory with bronze?
  8. I will start with what I am working with. Early 240 with wide ratio 5 speed stock diff but have a 3.9 that I will be installing and the tires are 205/55/15. Engine is L-24 with 0.30 over flat tops, E-31 head, stock cam stamped "A", 4 screw Z-Therapy carbs still in the box, 6-2-1 ceramic coat headers 2" exhaust 30" glasspack and twin resonator tip, Ignition is stock (points) recently rebuilt with a performance curve by Advanced Distributor. A compression check (warm with plugs out but slides closed) yielded 185 lowest 195 highest. The car was sitting for a few years when I got it and the previous owner had no work done on it. Anyway I went through the brakes, replaced rims and tires, a few other odds and ends and got it running. I took it out a half dozen times, it ran pig rich and burned some oil had a small radiator leak and the three screw SUs were pretty clapped out, the car seemed plenty quick and a lots of fun but I decided pull the engine to clean it up a go through it. The valve guides need replacing and the rockers look pretty bad the cam not too bad but not great. The head itself looks great with zero corrosion. The cam towers are shimmed 0.18. Ok that gets me to my questions which very likely do not require all that information. Should I use cast or bronze guides? and what did the E-31 come with? Is there any actual power to be had installing 280 valves with zero head work and do you recommend it? Lastly, and your going to love this one. Can you recommend a conservative cam grind that will take some advantage of the high compression and low gears? Durability is my main concern the car seems very fast as it is, but I have been driving a Type 2 VW daily for 20 yrs. I will be sending the cam and rockers to Delta in the next few days and I appreciate any input. Thanks
  9. The wheels went home with a member here so they are NLA.
  10. Was not able to find them, but that was quite an odyssey. I will just list the size and bolt pattern and hopefully they can be of use to someone.
  11. These were on an early 240z I acquired and the markings on the back are 'DEL Made in USA 4156' they are 15x6.5. I have some Rewinds to replace them, I find them kind of ugly and will probably free list them, but it would be nice to know what they are. Thanks!
  12. Thanks Sanchez, I ordered the Eibachs, the KYB's and bump stops, seemed like the best way to go as far as price and availability.
  13. Hello to all, I am looking to buy a set of new springs for a 1970 S30 , currently the stock springs are cut with stops removed and its just really bad. The objective is for them to be close to stock ride height and spring rate but I am aware a compromise is likely unavoidable. I have a new set of 15x7" Rewinds. the shocks will probably be KYB and the tires will be 205/60/R15s. The only springs that are available seem to be the Eibach Pros that may or may not lower the car 1" to 1.5" also they have fairly high spring rate and the fronts will have no pre-load. Then we have the aftermarket set from Z Car Source (SKU# 114001} that offer stock height and are around 30% firmer. If anyone has an idea of which set may less harsh, or can point me to another available option I would appreciate the help. And Thanks!
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