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  1. Thanks for the thought. I'll check and see if perhaps something happened on both the right and left rear hubs to see if there's any sign of scraping....
  2. Thanks. I don't know if they were changed, but the sound seems to come from both sides, though a bit louder on the right side so would seem strange if both bearings on left and right side went bad at the same time. I'll check though for sure since I was thinking bearings as a potential issue as well. Thanks
  3. I've got a 72 240Z that was recently rebuilt front to back. It runs great but noticed on a drive yesterday that when turning at speed (e.g., >30MPH) with some side load on the car going around a curve I can hear a distinct scrapping sound in the back. It's fairly high pitch, and sounds somewhat "Tinny". No tires are rubbing on anything, and wheels are tight on the hubs. Any views on what this might be? Something with the bearings? Brakes dragging a bit in the drums with a turning load on them? Something with the axels? Thanks!! Darren
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