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  1. Thanks, and for some reason that's the filetype my iphone saves them as (I'd never heard of it either). Hopefully these will work...
  2. Hi All, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post, but has anybody had any dealings with RSpec Carbon? I purchased some ZG flares from them online on 3rd September and after a couple of emails with promises of shipping by latest 7th October, I haven't had any response since despite a number of emails. I'm kind of hoping that people have used them successfully before and perhaps it's just been missed but it is getting quite concerning. Many Thanks, Matt
  3. Just to quickly say hi to everyone. My name is Matt, based in the UK with a 1972 240z that I picked up over the summer (originally a US car). The plan is to keep the L24 but I've already started the changes (Triple Webers, Camshaft, Exhaust), and going for a fairly standard 'ZG' look aesthetically with flares, air dam etc, but I've gone with a few Skillard parts as well. 15"x10.5" Watanabes have been ordered from Japan but they've been delayed until Jan 2022 so I'm spending the winter fitting all the other bits and hopefully getting it all ready for next summer. I'm looking forward to learning plenty of things from the forum which can hopefully help with my build. Thanks, Matt This is where it is at the moment. IMG_3229.HEICIMG_3194.HEIC
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